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Melissa Conyears-Ervin

Chicago City Treasurer

“It’s essential that we provide some relief for the businesses and working families, especially those in the under-resourced and disinvested communities that are hurting right now”

In May 2019, Melissa Conyears-Ervin made history when she was sworn in as City Treasurer for the City of Chicago, the first African American woman ever to be elected to the position without prior appointment. As City Treasurer, she is committed to using a positive, results-oriented approach with city departments. She will work to restore the public’s trust in government–good government–that works for the people and apply an equity lens to all of the office’s programs and outreach. She will audit every department every year to cut waste and root out fraud and mismanagement, as well as to recommend modernization tactics and best practices that could result in millions of dollars of savings annually.

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Money Mondays With Melissa

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Wealth Wednesdays

Beyond the walls of City Hall, it is the mission of the Treasurer to help financially empower the residents of Chicago. This year, we are expanding to also address the interests and needs of residents along the entire financial health spectrum. We are introducing a new series entitled “Wealth Wednesdays,” which serves as an opportunity for individuals with success stories to share their story, perspective, and experience.

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