Investment Policy

investment policy picture

The City of Chicago Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the creation, revision, implementation, and publication of the City’s investment policy, each relevant to the management of the City’s cash balances under the purview of the Treasurer.

These policies reflect statutory requirements as well as the policy and programmatic objectives of the Treasurer’s Office.  As such, they provide an appropriate set of guidelines and procedures for investment management with regard to investment objectives, investment parameters, administrative responsibilities, contractual needs, and reporting requirements. 

Investment policies are revisited regularly to ensure relevance and alignment with policy goals and statutory requirements.  Furthermore, the Treasurer’s Office is required to publish a report with City Council on an annual basis. The policy is also available online.

Note: The baseline for the Investment Policy is ratified by City Council. While the Treasurer cannot modify what has been ratified, she can add further restrictions.

City of Chicago Investment Policy  (published February 1st 2024)